realize the importance of price for the quality of sex dolls

  • You will be very disappointed with the completion of the copied model, you will have a torn TPE, and a skeleton that is more suspicious than its reliability, and after some operations you will definitely have a member disassociated. Selling silicone sex dolls for a few euros per 100 euros. Moreover, once they are filled with likes and comments, they will start selling sex dolls. After a few months, these comments eventually became more negative! 

    150cm silicone adult doll

    In this blog you will find all the solutions I use to treat my mini sex dolls every day. Because it allows you to empty yourself, do something that keeps us alert every morning and every day. Just like the lack of satisfaction we can't meet. If a man only uses her to make love, will she be with a man? No, obviously... even if you go up like God. At this price, you will have a completely personalized and unique model created by visual artists. Very high-end models are usually made of silicone. 

    Therefore, these materials can cause severe allergies and rashes. Especially when you know the first organ that will be affected when in contact with a sex dolls.... These recommendations from many doll owners quickly made me realize the importance of price for the quality of sex dolls. In fact, below 1800 euros, you will not be able to get high quality products. And you will soon be disappointed with the lack of durability and the lack of realism in your doll.